Talking Social Media & Clinical Trials at MedTech 2015!

Talking Social Media & Clinical Trials at MedTech 2015!

Join us this week for the Medical Technology Association of Australia’s annual conference MedTech 2015.

This year’s program promises to offer high value speakers from the Medical Technology industry, health economics and demography, academia  and government, covering a program that includes plenaries and panels on the latest information and issues for reimbursement and access, The Medical Technology Code of Conduct and the TGA, procurement, private health insurance and commercialisation of innovation, to name a few.

Datapharm Australia’s very own Clinical Projects Manager, Luke Edington, will be sharing his experiences around clinical trials and his familiarity with the role and impacts of social media. Luke will be joining Michelle Gallaher, Creative Director, at The Social Science. We think this session will be really interesting, giving the audience an understanding of both sides of the social media opportunity and how to begin to embrace the upside, whilst keeping a clear view and mitigating the risks.

TOPIC: Balancing on a Double Edge Sword: Social media in clinical trials

Thursday 12th November 2015 from 1.30pm – 2.30pm. Room: 6A

The major benefit of engaging social media as a strategy for recruiting subjects to clinical trials is obvious – access to more candidates, disease-related advocacy groups and a much faster recruitment process. Yet the risks involved to trial confidentiality in having trial subjects who are social media savvy are substantial. The emerging trend of using social media technologies in accessing and capturing clinical data is also on the rapid rise.

Hear our panel discuss examples of companies that have been early adopters, the challenges they have faced, the technologies and strategy they have used, how regulators are responding and how social media will continue to push the boundaries for clinical trial execution in the future.

Michelle Gallaher, Creative Director, The Social Science

MichelleGallaher_TheSocialScience thesocialscience

Luke Edington, Clinical Project Manager, Datapharm Australia

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