“Hi All- thank you so very much for your diligence throughout the trial!! Great job!”

Leslie Rose 
Sr. Director, Clinical Affairs
TransMedics Inc.


“I have found Datapharm to operate with efficient, effective and supportive professionalism. I have found Datapharm staff to be well informed, well presented, friendly and sensitive to the site-specific demands of the clinical study being undertaken.”

“Datapharm demonstrated themselves to be thoroughly organised in regard to the timely provision of the required regulatory and study documentation, coordination of the Investigator Meeting and study start-up at site. This attention to detail and oversight continued throughout the studies through to final close out.”

“I have worked with a number of CROs over the past 6 years and would rank Datapharm as being in the top tier of these CROs. I would be happy to work with Datapharm on future studies and would not hesitate to recommend Datapharm as a supplier of clinical trial management expertise.”

Clinical Study Coordinator


“…previously collaborated with Datapharm Australia on a number of national and international sponsor funded clinical trials. The relationship has always been exceptionally satisfactory. Datapharm have a strong reputation in the Australian clinical research environment and have well regarded and experienced team of staff. We have found their service to be supportive and collaborative in nature. Monitoring staff have always been responsive to staff requests and we have often recommended Datapharm to other clients…

We would certainly recommend Datapharm Australia to any future clients or others requiring CRO and/or data management services.”

Professor Clinical Pharmacology- Pain Specialist


“I became involved with Datapharm Australia as a recognised clinical research organisation…we have worked on a number of projects, at least one was quite controversial and required significant deliberation on ethical implications and the need to ensure patient protection, integrity of the research and a sufficiently high standard of research delivery. At least in one such project the development, from beginning to end, including organising such things as adequate placebo preparation, overall budgeting, supervising others in similar positions (conducting research in private practice) and liasing with necessary regulatory bodies, was all performed by Datapharm Australia in a manner that allowed the final publication of the material in quality journals with high impact factor.

My experience with Datapharm Australia has been very positive and as they reach their 25 year milestone in their history it is my pleasure to write a testimonial such as this to demonstrate the mutual respect we have for each other, a situation that can only be achieved with due diligence and performance.”

Private Clinical Investigator & Professor Neurologist


“We are very glad for the detailed support and advice you provided for us during the start-up phase of the study, during the performance of the study and then its completion.

Your approach was really helpful and practical, and we appreciated the amount of time and effort you gave when you visited, and for email correspondence and phone calls…

We were impressed with the way Datapharm worked with us during this study. I have no hesitation in recommending you and Datapharm for others doing future studies.”

Consultant Thoracic Physician (A/Prof)


“Throughout the study Datapharm staff provided regular monitoring, advice, training and all the necessary resources for the efficient and effective outcome of the study. This was done with knowledge, professionalism and understanding in a timely fashion for the good of site research staff and participating subjects.

I enjoyed working with Datapharm as a Clinical Research Organization and will be happy to conduct other studies in the future…”

Head of Department (Respiratory and Sleep Medicine) at Public Australian Hospital

“I was immediately involved in a significant clinical study run by Datapharm across Australia, involving 21 sites and over 300 patients to be recruited within a 5 months’ time window. This was not an easy task where some sites were new to GCP. But Datapharm handled the project efficiently at all stages. They were involved with protocol finalisation, with the statistical package elaboration, with the site selection and each aspect of the full registration study to satisfy major regulatory agencies.

Weekly teleconferences aided the overall management and were onducted in a friendly and professional manner. The process to data base lock was conducted with professional competence and the final outcomes were produced to the highest standards. Datapharm were the close partners from beginning to end of the study.

I have no hesitation in recommending them. I would be delighted to work with them again.”

Sponsor’s Pharmaceutical Consultant advisory

“We received invaluable support from the Datapharm team in running this study. They were always available by phone when needed and responded promptly to our queries. They also stayed on top of the monitoring which was an achievement considering the high numbers we were recruiting so quickly.

We would very much welcome the opportunity to work with Datapharm again in the near future.”

Research Assistant-Private clinical research clinic