What will chocolate do for you this Easter?

What will chocolate do for you this Easter?

Firstly, Happy Easter from the team at Datapharm Australia! Secondly, chocolate.

I know it’s not the first time scientists have told us we should eat chocolate to help our health, but for the latest news regarding the positive health effects of (dark) chocolate:

  • The health benefits of eating dark chocolate, research from Australia’s Swinburne University: click here
  • Also here: ‘Feelgood factor’ of eating chocolate outweighs health risks say Brits: click here.
  • Chocolate consumption has also been associated with improved cognitive function: click here.
  • And here, The New York Times highlighted a December 2015 study from London’s Kingston University that looked at the effect a small amount of dark chocolate may have on your anaerobic abilities while exercising or, rather, your ability to breathe easily while exerting yourself: click here.

If you are looking to run a research project on a chocolate or cocoa product we can help you. Get in touch with our team today. Australia is not short of volunteers for these types of trials!



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