Datapharm Australia – Tackling COVID-19

Datapharm Australia – Tackling COVID-19

To our Industry Colleagues,

Datapharm Australia’s team and management send you our best wishes and thoughts as you and your businesses and families deal with the unfolding of this catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic in your home countries.

Datapharm is continuing its commitment to all its ongoing projects. Our team will continue to support our sponsors and sites as all grapple with decisions on how to deal with the impact of COVID-19 on their studies and offer adaptive solutions where possible.

Datapharm started early in February to move to remote working in anticipation of introduced travel restrictions and directions implementing “social distancing”. We have therefore implemented remote monitoring activities. Our secure web-based EDC systems for collecting your trial data continue unaffected and allow for remote data cleaning and real-time status reporting. Our clinical, data management, statistical programming and medical writing teams also have secure systems in place allowing them to work remotely and communicate regularly within their teams.

Should you have any questions regarding your current studies we suggest that you send an email to your project manager and they will follow up if needed with a call or online meeting. If you wish to discuss a new project then contact or call us at +61 (0)2 9719 2800. If you wish to report a safety issue please email or call the medical monitor / LCPPV for your project as needed.

We are keen to support any researchers who are working on developing various solutions relevant to COVID-19.  We can help by expediting writing protocols, HREC submissions and rapid set up of EDC data collection systems. if this is relevant to you please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As we all bunker down we wish you all a safe journey through the next months.

Best regards

Helen Allars


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