Dai-Sys welcomes Turkish CRO ATLAS for international clinical trials

Dai-Sys welcomes Turkish CRO ATLAS for international clinical trials

Turkish CRO ATLAS, with access to clinical trial capabilities in many Middle Eastern countries, has signed up to the Dai-Sys CRO Plus initiative. Dai-Sys is an international consortium of locally based contract research organizations(CROs) and specialist service providers, internationally connected to dai-sys-atlas-turkey_2support global product development, R&D, health research studies and clinical trials.The Dai-Sys team aims to provide Sponsors with a range of quality and cost effective solutions utilizing select ‘Local’ members to run clinical trials anywhere in the world.

ATLAS CRO is a full service Clinical Research Organization providing high quality Phase I – IV pharmaceutical and medical device clinical trial support with extensive regional experience. With low team turn-over, dedication to ethical codes and constant improvement over a decade, ATLAS CRO has become preferred partner for many clients. Like other Dai-Sys CRO Plus members, ATLAS is committed to flexibility and high quality.

Together with Dai-Sys, ATLAS and Datapharm, aim to provide the highest quality full-range clinical research services to outsourcing Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device companies.

Pictured (L to R): Betül ÜNAL (Founder of ATLAS CRO) and Dr Helen Allars (Founder of Datapharm Australia & DAI-SYS)

Global CROs are no longer the obvious choice for companies looking to run international clinical trials. The motion is towards locally based clinical trial organisations that are connected internationally to drive down R&D costs and leverage local know-how and quality. 


Some Statistics on Turkey: 

Population ~76 million
Growth rate 1.2%
24.9% of the population is below 14 yrs age; 
67.6% is between
15-64; 7.5% is over 65
Average age – 30


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