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About Datapharm Australia

Datapharm Australia boasts an integrated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. This team includes individuals with the following backgrounds:

  • Pharmacy, biological sciences and drug development
  • Medicine, public health, nursing and health administration
  • Statistics and biostatistics
  • Clinical data management
  • Engineering, education, project management
  • Computer programming, IT and health information

Clients – Datapharm’s clients include large international pharmaceutical companies, local and international biotechnology companies, device manufacturers, producers of alternative therapies, private and hospital based investigators and global CROs.

Therapeutic areas – AIDS/HIV, surgery and procedures, anaesthesia, antibiotics and anti-parasitics, gastrointestinal, neurology, metabolism, oncology, cardiovascular, cosmetic, ophthalmology, musculoskeletal, cystic fibrosis, dental, paediatrics, pain, dermatology, devices and diagnostics, mental health, respiratory, reproductive technology and gynaecology, immunology, endocrine, urology, haematology, health economics and veterinary.

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